Sentry's Pro Series 1 RiverPool

See More Than Ever Before

Our Pro Series RiverPools can be equiped with in wall cameras which conistantly provide clear footage.  The unique underwater perspective gives instructors and coaches an unparalleled ability to analyze stroke technique. Additionally, by using the floor mirror, swimmers can adjust their technique in real time as they view their reflection. 

Pro Series 1


Inside Length - 16'
Inside Width - 10'
Water Depth - 42"

Bench Width - 18"
Bench Height - 22"

Hydraulic Motor - 20HP
‚ÄčFiltration Pump - 1HP
Cartridge Filter - 150 sq. ft.
Electric Heater - 11KW
Gas Heater (Optional) - 150BTU

‚ÄčOptions and Upgrades

Underwater multicolor LED package

Stainless steel end wall stairs

5' teaching side wall bar

Underwater Camera

Increase pool length in 3'4" increments

Water retention gutters

Automatic pool cover

Custom powder coat colors

Extend the pool life with 316L stainless steel

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