Pro Series 1

Our flagship model, the Pro Series 1 is the gold standard for stroke analysis and swim schools. No one in the flow pool market matches our performance and durability. From the stainless steel walls to the revolutionary dry hydraulic system, the Pro Series 1 is built to last. Not only are our RiverPools robust, they also have one of the widest ranges of swim speeds, maxing out over mph!

Pro Series 1X

If you want the top flow pool available anywhere, then the Pro Series 1X is for you. Thanks to the increased water depth of 55" swimmers are able to practice flip turns in clear view of the mounted cameras. This pool is also powered by our state of the art dry hydraulic propultion system that can generate smooth flow speeds over 7 mph.

Pro Series 2

When it comes to profitiability, nothing comes close to Sentry's Pro Series 2. With its dual 7.5 HP motors, it is ideal for training children because of its low starting speed and gradual adjustment. The two flow streams are independent, allowing multiple lessons to take place in the same pool. The Pro Series 2 is also equipped with a a non-slip bench that can be used to teach toddlers about water safety and begin stroke technique. 

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