Colby - 12/13/2018

A new partnership is in the works. We are teaming up with the American Swimming Coaches Association to offer an alternative path to retirement for coaches across the country. Our goal is to ease the transition, from coaching full time, to owning a training facility. We believe that swim coaches have a unique advantage in the swim school industry, and they will find that our Pro Series RiverPools are unmatched.

Colby - 9/10/2018

We are constantly looking for more ways to utilize the space within our pools. Most recently, we developed a set of stairs that extend across the entire back wall of our pools. These non-slip stairs provide an extremely safe access point the pool, as well as an excellent training space for kids.

Colby - 2/10/2018

Our team at Sentry is excited to reach new parts of the world as the swimming community learns about our advanced products. Our most recent opportunity has us setting sail for Australia to help launch a new line of swim schools. Their Pro Series designs are being finalized now and more updates will come soon.

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